December 12, 2014

Spice up your wrapping #02 - Glittery gift-tags in 3 minutes

After this tutorial to make your own wrapping paper, you must have been eagerly waiting for the promised Glittery gift-tag DIY.

Well, here it comes anyway:

What you need:
-Basic gift tags (buy them anywhere, or make them)
-Something to put the glitter on (i used a little plate)

Now, pay attention, because it all goes pretty fast...

1. Put the glitter on a little plate.
2. Brush glue on the lower part of the tag (both front and back).
3. Dip the glued areas into the glitter until fully covered.
4. Let dry.

Got it?
Takes three minutes. Tops.

NB: I tried glittering the entire tag and didn't find it that pretty, but feel free to try for yourself.

Happy gift-giving!

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