February 28, 2015

Waterworks now for sale in Utrecht @ Keck&Lisa

Keck en Lisa, Utrecht
Photograph via Youropi.com

Keck & Lisa, based in a historic building on the Zadelstraat in the beautiful city of Utrecht is filled to the brim with all kinds of nick-nacks, life-hacks and home decor.

Keck en Lisa, Utrecht
Photograph via Youropi.com

It's a perfect place to find a birthday- or housewarming gift for pretty much anybody. If you're visiting Utrecht this shop is definitely worth a visit.
And the place just got even better: Keck en Lisa has now added Waterworks to the collection.

Or check out the Keck en Lisa webshop to order Waterworks - and a lot of other Design goodies- online.

Visit the store:

Zadelstraat 38
3511 LV Utrecht
T. 030 - 2400 000

Mon | 12:00 - 18:00
Tue-Fri | 10:00 - 18:00 (Till 21:00 on Thursdays)
Sat | 10:00 - 17:00
Sun | 12:00 - 17:00

February 25, 2015

New Neotribal necklaces added to the webshop

Necklace waiting to be photographed | House of Thol Instagram

You might've come across a little sneak-preview on our Instagram: we added a new series of Neotribal necklaces to the webshop.
Check them out here and get them while they last: all necklaces are lovingly handmade unique pieces. 

Neotribal #027 Necklace | Unique piece, 2015 // Enameled brass - gilded ball-chain // Blue/Grey | 7 bds | ca 55 cm length

Neotribal #028 Necklace | Unique piece, 2015 // Enameled brass - gilded ball-chain // Blue/Grey | 6 bds | ca 58 cm length

Neotribal #029 Necklace | Unique piece, 2015 // Enameled brass - gilded ball-chain // Blue/Grey | 7 bds | ca 59 cm length

Neotribal #030 Necklace | Unique piece, 2015 // Enameled brass - gilded ball-chain // Blue/Grey | 7 bds | ca 58 cm length

Neotribal #031 Necklace | Unique piece, 2015 // Enameled brass - gilded ball-chain // Blue/Grey | 7 bds | ca 56 cm length

Neotribal #032 Necklace | Unique piece, 2015 // Enameled brass - gilded ball-chain // Blue/Grey | 7 bds | ca 60 cm length

Neotribal #033 Necklace | Unique piece, 2015 // Enameled brass - gilded ball-chain // Blue/Grey | 7 bds | ca 61 cm length

Neotribal #034 Necklace | Unique piece, 2015 // Enameled brass - gilded ball-chain // Blue/Grey | SOLD

February 19, 2015

Mention in NRC.Next

Happy with this little mention in last Saturdays' NRC Next:
From the House of Thol Instagram

Our mention is close to the little pink arrow (bottom right). | Too small to make out? (well duh...) Click here for a PDF-version of the full article. 

February 14, 2015

Happy Non-Valentines-Day

Just a quick reminder:
This weekend is your last chance to take advantage of our Non-Valentines-Day action and receive 10% discount on all Driftwood Jewelry.


February 9, 2015

Thoughts about Valentines Day

Living in the Netherlands, i grew up with a healthy aversion to the 'Marketing-Machine-that-is-Valentines-Day'.
It just wasn't ever that big over here, and all the heartshaped chocolates in store-windows makes me feel like the whole celebration is more about commerce than love.

That said: back when i was a teenager i was lucky enough to receive a few Secret Valentines-cards. Trying to find out who sent them was an exciting task: Till this day i'm still not sure who one of the secret admirers was, and although i was pretty certain the card didn't come from the boy i fancied, it still made my day back then.

I guess things like that still make the day of any 14-year-old girl.

As long as Valentines Day is about secret loves and handwritten postcards i'm all for it: not so much when it's about the guilt-driven heart-shaped box of chocolates you buy so your loved one won't feel disappointed.

But... i now have a business to run.
A business with, amongst other things: jewelry.
Except for chocolate and flowers, nothing screams Valentines Day as loudly as jewelry.
What to do!?

We decided to set up a Non-Valentines-Day action: order any piece of jewelry in our webshop with a 10% discount with the use of coupon code 'NOVALENTINE'.

I promiss your purchase won't come in a heartshaped box.
NB. For all you romantics out there: you can still opt for a romantic wrapping theme that will involve hearts

Be quick about it: the coupon code will expire on Monday February 16th.

February 8, 2015

Lovely Blog about Waterworks

Last week we were surprised by a small message in our mailbox from Joyce from design and fashion blog MyDubio.
Joyce bought a Waterworks-set a while ago and after testing it thoroughly and keeping her plants happy and healthy, she decided to write this lovely post.
As you can see in the preview she didn't just write about Waterworks, she also shot some amazing photographs.

Photograph by Joyce Croonen | MyDubio

Photograph by Joyce Croonen | MyDubio

Read the full article here.  - Thanks so much Joyce!

Photograph by Joyce Croonen | MyDubio

February 4, 2015

Newspaper publication

By total coincidence we spotted this tweet by Urban Jungle Bloggers:

Turns out the publication about greenery also had a little mention about House of Thol. Did you spot it in the little preview?

Well, here's a link to the full article on Urban Jungle Bloggers.
And a zoom of our little mention:

Thanks, Urban Jungle Bloggers!

February 3, 2015

The Fairs & The Greenery | 2 Urban Jungle reviews

The past few weeks were all about The Fairs: First, there was IMM Cologne (18-24 January), in the Koeln Messe, directly followed/overlapped by Maison & Objet in Paris (23-27 January), and followed in the Netherlands the small indy tradefair Show Up (1-2 February).
Then there's the Stockholm Furniture Fair (3-7 February) and the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt will follow soon (13-17 february).

Wow! What a programme! Imagine being a buyer for a design shop...

Anyway: we've thought long and hard about participating in one of the fairs this season, but decided we'd wait until we have a bigger collection of consumer goods to present. It's quite an investment, and we'd rather do it right the first time round (or kinda right..).

Although it would have been great study-material to visit the fairs, we just didn't have the time to go. - Luckily a lot of other people did, and they spotted loads of greenery in and around the boots.

Photograph by Igor Josifovic / Happy Interior Blog

Igor, for example, from Happy Interior Blog, wrote this lovely post with his green highlights from the fair in Cologne.

Be sure to check out the full post by Igor with lots more greenery and design.

His partner-in-crime on Urban Jungle BloggersJoelix (Dutch born / France living Judith de Graaff) visited Paris fair Maison & Objet and wrote this lovely piece.

the Phytophiler by Studio Dossofiorito @ Maison&Objet 2015
Photograph by Judith de Graaff / Joelix.com

I totally share her love for this Phytophiler by Studio Dossofiorito. - read her full blogpost here.

We'll be sourcing the web for more. Will keep you posted!

February 2, 2015

House of Thol for Pols Potten - coming soon!

We've been sitting on this one for a while...

Last August we participated in an open call of the creative industries fund (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie) to come up with a proposal for one of five companies.

Even if we wouldn't come up with a proposal, we decided it was worth to respond to the call as the option was given to visit the participating companies.
Al visits would take place in one week and we only had one day that week on which both of us could make it. A lucky coincidence meant that this was exactly the day Pols Potten would be visited, and we happily joined the field-trip to their headquarters in Aalsmeer.

 a few snapshots taken during the company-visit in August

In the Pols Potten headquarters we got the chance to walk around, check out their new collection and all-time bestsellers, and as an added bonus we got a crash-course in Pols Potten economics and sales.

We left inspired and spent the next two weeks trying to come up with a proposal that would be perfect for Pols Potten and would stand out in the -undoubtedly- dozens of applications that would be sent in.
We sent our proposal in just in time for dead-line and then.... nothing.

The proposals were supposed to be reviewed within a few weeks, so we waited eagerly and... still nothing.

Until, after a month-and-a-half we missed a phonecall from the fund.
Thomas returned the call, not expecting a whole lot of it.
Well... -you probably already guessed this- as it turned out Pols Potten chose our proposal to work with!
Out of a 144 applications, we are the lucky design studio to develop a new product for Pols Potten with the help of the Creative Industries Fund.

In December we went back to Aalsmeer for a first official Pols Potten x House of Thol design meeting, and since then we've been quietly working on the design. We're not really in the position to reveal much about the product, except what the Creative Industries Fund published:

"House of Thol will design a series of pendant lamps consisting of two separate parts. Within the series, those parts are interchangeable, making it possible for the consumer to compose their own lamp."

Oh... and this little studio sneak-peak of a bunch of early paper models:

For the official announcement (in Dutch) and the other 4 companies + winning designers, click here.

We'll keep you posted!
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