March 21, 2014

Noviflora's 'Forty&Forward experience'.

Noviflora (a Dutch plant export company -click-) organized a 'Forty and Forward-experience' in which they didn't only show the latest in plant fashion, but also made room for green innovations and designs: Enter Waterworks.
Obviously we jumped at the chance to be part of this and introduce Waterworks to a whole new market.

There's something about being in a greenhouse all day: the tranquility, green atmosphere, the smell of all the greenery and the natural light....
It might have had something to do with the level of organization and catering as well, and the styling of the event certainly made a difference, all extremely well taken care of by Mirakuleus.

The word that best describes the event is 'lovely'.
Lovely plants, lovely products, lovely activities, lovely tea, lovely food, lovely people, lovely everything...
Here's a little impression of what was going on:

Ok, and a not so lovely purple light...

March 18, 2014

The first glass samples...

Sooo, we received the first glass samples last week.
Obviously we were eagerly awaiting their arrival, and when the package came in, i actually shot so many photographs of Thomas opening it, that i could make a stop-motion film.
Which i did, just to illustrate how excited we were:

However... Obviously the samples weren't perfect yet.
I guess we were both so exhilirated about the package in the mail, we kind of forgot these are only the first samples and were bound to have a few things wrong with them.
Truth be told, we did feel kind of deflated when the glass reservoirs turned out to be similar to the prototypes we made, but not yet exactly the same. And not completely perfect yet.

Oh well...
Since then Thomas made a detailed list of the things that need to be changed and the manufacturer is making new samples as we speak. This time he uses a mold to help with the shape, and since we've also been a bit more specific about what we're looking for, we have high hopes for this batch.

Again: we'll keep you posted!

March 5, 2014

What we've been up to lately

It's already a month-and-a-half ago that we succesfully concluded our crowdfund-campaign to finance the production of WATERWORKS.
My, time sure knows how to fly!

first photographs of the samples

Over the last weeks we've been re-establishing contacts with several manufacturers up to a point where we now found two factories that we think are quite promising when it comes to level of craftsmanship, communication and efficiency.
At the moment we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first samples that were made. We've already seen some pictures of the pieces that we're quite excited about, and can't wait to have the samples in our hands.

These are exciting times!
We'll keep you posted on the arrival of the samples.
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