September 29, 2015

A hangout where gifts meet coffee - Mashed Concept Store

photographs via Mashed

"A cool and laid-back hangout where stylish accessories and gifts meet coffee and a little treat."
That's how concept store Mashed is described on the Mashed Facebook page.
Need we say more?

And the name? On this blog i found it comes from 'mashed potatoes': because of the stylishly mixed collection of things old, new and design and for all kinds of people with all kinds of interiors.

There's a store in Amsterdam and one in Haarlem, both on prime locations and equally packed with lovely products in all price-ranges.
A perfect place to go if you're looking for, for example (from the top of my head) a housewarming gift for that friend who never seems to be able to keep his houseplants alive...

Mashed concept store Amsterdam 
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 168
1054 ML Amsterdam

Mashed concept store Haarlem
Kleine Houtstraat 19
2011 DD Haarlem

September 24, 2015

Products with a (sustainable) story - Waterworks @ Lu-st Delft

photographs by Lu-st

Last weekend sustainable Lunchroom & Style store Lu-st opened its doors on the Voorstraat in Delft.
The shop focuses on products with a story that are sustainable and unique, often handmade, recycled and/or fairtrade.

Living in Delft?  I'd say, head over there, try out their lunch menu and order a Waterworks set on the go.

Voorstraat 8
2611 JP Delft / lu-st on Facebook

photographs by Lu-st

September 23, 2015

Press package DDW

The first sentences of our DDW press release, click here for the full text (pdf).
The Dutch Design Week is only a few weeks away, and this time we're stepping up our game with a pre-expo press package.

All the images below are part of the press pack we've prepared and which should soon be available via Dutch Design Press Desk.

Photography Waterworks: Masha Bakker Photography
Photography Bathtub: Johannes van Assem
Other photographs by House of Thol

Please get in touch if you'd like to receive high resolution images or more information about the studio and our projects.

September 19, 2015

Grüner Daumen hoch! | Waterworks at Das Rote Paket in Leipzig

Photograph by Martin Kindworth for Das Rote Paket
We got to add our very first German stockist to our map last week: Das Rote Paket in Leipzig.
Any store that describes itself as follows:"Nice people, interested in design, who rejoice in great materials and shapes." is a store we're happy to connect with.

Here's a photograph of Waterworks in their shop window:
photograph by Das Rote Paket
And how about this lovely listing in the Das Rote Paket webshop:
Screenshot from
"Der Wasserspender WATERWORKS der niederländischen Designer House of Thol ist so einfach wie gut aussehend"
We couldn't have said it better ourselves :-).

Das Rote Paket
Gottschedstr. 22
04109 Leipzig

Click here for a full list of House of Thol stockists.

September 10, 2015

House of Thol @ DDW 2015

It's that time again: leaves have started falling and pepernoten are in the stores, which means the Dutch Design Week must be coming up.
The city of Eindhoven will be all about design from October 17th till 25th, and we'll be part of the program.
This DDW we'll be showcasing our fresh range of porcelain tableware 'In the Clouds' as well as the new Scape Mirror, Neotribal jewelry and the Waterworks project.

For the second consecutive year we'll be at Designperron, not far from Eindhoven's city centre, near the train tracks.
And we're not alone: For a full list of all designers and companies participating in the exhibitions around Designperron, visit the Designperron website.
A little scoop: This year Designperron will have a pop-up shop on site that offers exclusive design products from the participating brands.

Come visit us at Designperron, only a short 5-minute walk away from Eindhoven Central Station.
We're planning to be at the location during all regular opening hours of the exhibition and would love to see you there.

House of Thol @ Designperron
Fuutlaan 12
5613 AB Eindhoven

17-25 October 2015
Open daily 10:00 - 18:00

Official DDW location for Dutch Design Rides. | Free parking space available.

We'll keep you posted on this blog.

September 8, 2015

Clouds & Birds

Our new series of tableware 'in the clouds' has a decoration of, well... clouds. And birds of course.
Clouds and birds.


It all started with an inspirational visit to the ceramics collection of our Dutch National Museum: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. 

Browsing through the vast collection of both Asian and Dutch ceramics, we saw a huge variation of themes and decorations. 
We were almost getting overwhelmed by the collection and enormous variety of decorations, when we started noticing a lot of the Delftware landscapes had clouds on them with birds flying by. 
close up of a Delftware plaque - ca 1780
Photograph via Rijksstudio / Rijksmuseum
Once we zoomed in on the clouds and the birds we saw them everywhere. We found that clouds and/or birds are quite often an inconspicuous part of the decoration on both Asian porcelain as well as Dutch Delftware.  

Ever since visiting the museum our heads have remained in 'clouds & birds'-mode. We've been so focused we started seeing pictures of clouds and birds everywhere.

Anyway, that's the inspiration behind the print of the 'IN THE CLOUDS' tableware. 
We thought you might appreciate a bit of background information.

It took a lot of trial and error and many revisions to develop the decoration into the graphic print it is today, but that's a whole 'nother story.

For a collection of examples of Clouds & Birds on Dutch and Asian ceramics, click here to visit Rijksstudio.

The first pieces of the 'IN THE CLOUDS'-set are now premiering on Crowdyhouse - get them here. 

September 7, 2015

Us & the World - a map

still from our website - click for interactive version.
A little over a year ago we launched our first product Waterworks, and now there are House of Thol stockists in The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and the UK.
To keep track of those stockists and to make it easier for you to see what store is closest to you, we used the tool mapbuildr to create the lovely map pictured above.

For an interactive version and a list of stockists, check out this page on our website.
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