September 8, 2015

Clouds & Birds

Our new series of tableware 'in the clouds' has a decoration of, well... clouds. And birds of course.
Clouds and birds.


It all started with an inspirational visit to the ceramics collection of our Dutch National Museum: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. 

Browsing through the vast collection of both Asian and Dutch ceramics, we saw a huge variation of themes and decorations. 
We were almost getting overwhelmed by the collection and enormous variety of decorations, when we started noticing a lot of the Delftware landscapes had clouds on them with birds flying by. 
close up of a Delftware plaque - ca 1780
Photograph via Rijksstudio / Rijksmuseum
Once we zoomed in on the clouds and the birds we saw them everywhere. We found that clouds and/or birds are quite often an inconspicuous part of the decoration on both Asian porcelain as well as Dutch Delftware.  

Ever since visiting the museum our heads have remained in 'clouds & birds'-mode. We've been so focused we started seeing pictures of clouds and birds everywhere.

Anyway, that's the inspiration behind the print of the 'IN THE CLOUDS' tableware. 
We thought you might appreciate a bit of background information.

It took a lot of trial and error and many revisions to develop the decoration into the graphic print it is today, but that's a whole 'nother story.

For a collection of examples of Clouds & Birds on Dutch and Asian ceramics, click here to visit Rijksstudio.

The first pieces of the 'IN THE CLOUDS'-set are now premiering on Crowdyhouse - get them here. 

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