September 29, 2015

A hangout where gifts meet coffee - Mashed Concept Store

photographs via Mashed

"A cool and laid-back hangout where stylish accessories and gifts meet coffee and a little treat."
That's how concept store Mashed is described on the Mashed Facebook page.
Need we say more?

And the name? On this blog i found it comes from 'mashed potatoes': because of the stylishly mixed collection of things old, new and design and for all kinds of people with all kinds of interiors.

There's a store in Amsterdam and one in Haarlem, both on prime locations and equally packed with lovely products in all price-ranges.
A perfect place to go if you're looking for, for example (from the top of my head) a housewarming gift for that friend who never seems to be able to keep his houseplants alive...

Mashed concept store Amsterdam 
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 168
1054 ML Amsterdam

Mashed concept store Haarlem
Kleine Houtstraat 19
2011 DD Haarlem

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