February 9, 2015

Thoughts about Valentines Day

Living in the Netherlands, i grew up with a healthy aversion to the 'Marketing-Machine-that-is-Valentines-Day'.
It just wasn't ever that big over here, and all the heartshaped chocolates in store-windows makes me feel like the whole celebration is more about commerce than love.

That said: back when i was a teenager i was lucky enough to receive a few Secret Valentines-cards. Trying to find out who sent them was an exciting task: Till this day i'm still not sure who one of the secret admirers was, and although i was pretty certain the card didn't come from the boy i fancied, it still made my day back then.

I guess things like that still make the day of any 14-year-old girl.

As long as Valentines Day is about secret loves and handwritten postcards i'm all for it: not so much when it's about the guilt-driven heart-shaped box of chocolates you buy so your loved one won't feel disappointed.

But... i now have a business to run.
A business with, amongst other things: jewelry.
Except for chocolate and flowers, nothing screams Valentines Day as loudly as jewelry.
What to do!?

We decided to set up a Non-Valentines-Day action: order any piece of jewelry in our webshop with a 10% discount with the use of coupon code 'NOVALENTINE'.

I promiss your purchase won't come in a heartshaped box.
NB. For all you romantics out there: you can still opt for a romantic wrapping theme that will involve hearts

Be quick about it: the coupon code will expire on Monday February 16th.

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