December 30, 2014

Get ready for 2015 with this Free Printable Calendar

Christmas has come and gone, and pretty soon the fireworks and champagne-corks will have sprung and we're in 2015.


The anticipation and high spirits about the New Year usually dampen pretty quickly once we're well into the dull weeks of January and realize there's still quite some time to go before summer.


Luckily we usually have other fun things to look forward to during the year: Birthdays, party's, trips to the unknown...
Keep yourself motivated and keep track of what's coming on this Free Printable Wall Calendar.

The file comes as an A3-sized PDF (420 mm x 297 mm), but (obviously) can be scaled down and printed on A4- or letter-sized paper as well.

Once printed, you could use just punch holes in the pages and be done with it, or check out this little and easy tutorial:

Things you'll need:

-the printed calendar pages
-wooden half-round profiles (diameter ca 1cm - cheap in any hardware store)
-hole punch (the office-kind)
-little saw
-needle + nicely colored thread

Wat you do:

1. Cut the profiles to the same length as the long side of the pages + 1 cm on each side (comes down to 44 cm length if you printed A3)

2. Use the hole punch to punch evenly-spaced holes in all pages (4 holes for A3, 2 for A4)

3. Clamp the pages of the calendar between both half-round profiles (use a little tape on the part of the wood that's sticking out on both sides to help keep together) and, through each individual hole, wind the thread around the profiles.
End with winding thread around the outer edges of the wood and attach an extra piece to hang the calendar with.


Enjoy your new calendar.
And your New Year!

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