December 10, 2014

Spice up your wrapping #01 - Gift Wrap Tutorial

Wrapping packages in kraft paper is an all-time favorite.
For the Holiday season however, there's a perfect excuse to spice it all up a it, perhaps even add a bit of sparkle to the mix...

First things first: How to easily create your own wrapping paper.
Here goes....

Things you need:

- Kraft paper
- Rolling pin
- Tape
- Paper
- Scissors
- Foam stickers
- Paint (i would recommend acrylic paint because of the short time it takes to dry)
- Paint roller
- Christmas treats (alright, you don't really need those, although they do help set the tone)

Get everything ready to go.
You might want to protect your table a bit, since there's paint involved.

First thing to do:
1. Cover your rolling pin with paper.
Why? Well, firstly because you might want to use the rolling pin again (to bake cookies), secondly, because the foam stickers stick better on paper.

2. Cut the foam sticker into a gazillion little dots (or any shape you fancy really, i went for snowflakes/dots).
Mind you: this is the most annoying part of the whole thing, feel free to finish your Christmas treats while you're at it.

3. Stick the foam dots to the covered rolling pin, making sure you space them out evenly and randomly.

4. Paint and roll!
Use only a little bit of paint and re-apply after every 'roll' to achieve a natural and even result.

If you've used only a little paint like i adviced, the paper is ready to be rolled up again almost immediately after finishing.
Feel free to store it in waiting of the fab glitter-gift-tag tutorial we'll add Friday as a little week-end treat.


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