December 14, 2014

We're on Instagram, follow us!

Yes! House of Thol has an official Instagram-account!

It took us a while, partly because you can only manage one instagram-account at a time on your phone, and i had my personal account going on. However, lately i've been sharing more and more House of Thol related pictures on that account and we decided to finish our Social Media collection by adding Instagram to the mix (we added Google+ as well, by the way).

Of course we were already on Pinterest: another image-driven social media channel that i absolutely love spending (way too much) time on.
What i adore about Instagram is that it's so personal: this is truly what's going on in peoples' lives right now (with a pretty filter added of course).

And now we'll be sharing what's going on with House of Thol on a day-to-day basis.
How about following us? We'll follow back! [click]

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