April 25, 2016

North of The Bridge at the meeting place for ideas - Form/Design Center

photograph by Christian Beiwinkel via Wikipedia
Last (and only) time we visited Malmö it was February, and it was rather cold and a bit dreary. Nothing at all like the photograph above, which i picked from Wikipedia.

Anyway, our very energetic local tour-guide friend didn't care for frozen toes and happily led us to all design hotspots in the city. One of the best things on the tour was drinking a nice and hot cup of coffee in a design center with shop located in an ancient building, to be entered through a courtyard: Form/Design Center.
Photograph via Lillatorg
Form/Design Center is not actually a shop per se, but an exhibition-/meetingspace, run by 'Svensk Form' (The Swedish Association of Craft and Design). Like they state on the Form/Design website: "Form/Design Center is a meeting place for ideas and projects in the field of design and architecture"
There are regular exhibitions, a programme of lectures, workshops and seminars. All with the goal to "engage and educate about design and show its importance in our surroundings and our everyday life".

And in this center there's also room for a café where they serve the best coffee and tea and you can spend hours going through the vast collection of international and Swedish books and magazines dedicated to design.
Since you're all full of design-inspiration by that time, it would only be fitting you get to take a little design home with you: Enter the Butik.
photograph by Form/Design Center
And here, in this bulwark (yes that's a word, i checked) of Swedish and Scandinavian design, you can now buy Waterworks.
Truthfully: this is making us pretty proud.

Lilla torg 9
211 34 Malmö

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