April 20, 2016

Martino Design - Innovation and style in the midst of Medieval beauty

photograph via Wikipedia
Ah, Bologna, historical city of music and study in Italy. I visited the city once, 11 years ago, and remember archways, medieval squares, cobble stones and courtyards.
And in the midst of all that ancient beauty in an old Jewish neighbourhood, you can find Martino Design: a store dedicated to sustainable interior design, style and innovation. 
We're proud and happy Martino Design is the first Italian store to sell Waterworks.
Here are a few photographs Martino Design kindly sent us from Waterworks in their store.
For more information, check out Martino Designs' website and Facebook page, or this blogpost by UrbanMirrors about the designstore, and make sure to visit the shop next time you're in Bologna.

Via Canonica 1/a
40126 Bologna
Click here for a full list of shops selling House of Thol products.
Photographs in this blogpost via Martino Design.

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