February 5, 2016

Amsterdam Made: Makers united

Amsterdam Made is a community platform for makers in and around Amsterdam.
Lucky for us, the 'around'-range extends to Zandvoort (it's pretty much Amsterdam Beach here anyway), which means we got to be part of the community and have House of Thol featured on the website.

The initiators of the platform were inspired by 'SFmade' a thriving platform established back in 2010 to boost the local manufacturing sector. Amsterdam Made has pretty much the same goal: a more diverse and sustainable local economy, where companies who design and manufacture products locally thrive.
Furthermore, Amsterdam Made is licensed by the city of Amsterdam to award an official 'Amsterdam Made' quality label to high quality products that are locally made, sustainable and innovative. 

Most importantly: Amsterdam Made connects makers in and around the city and strengthens the bond between entrepreneurs.  
Check out the growing network of entrepreneurs, craftsmen, manufacturers, artists, brewers and designers on Amsterdammade.org. 

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