October 14, 2014

More pretty indoor plantlife

Houseplants are healthy, provide fresh air... blablabla - you can read all about it in our last post '6 reasons to get houseplants now'.

The 25 hours hotel Bikini in Berlin
photographs by Igor Josifovic - spotted on Happy Interior Blog

After writing this post however, i was left with a feeling of 'hm'.
You know what i mean? Just 'hm'.

Spotted on Paper 'n Stitch blog
original source unknown

I'm going to play it straight: of course it's lovely plants have all these great characteristics and are actually good for you, but the main reason why i want more plants in my house is because i think it looks sooo pretty.
Which is shallow, i know (that's why i added the other 5 reasons).

Fiddle Fig, Broadcast Coffee, Seattle
photograph by Jennifer Chong - spotted here

Also, we might not all have the same preference when it comes to plantlife.

Par Example:
My little nephew (4 at the time) once asked me quite reproachfully Why on earth i had a cactus in my living room. Why would i have a plant in my house that can puncture skin?
After going through the experience of being stung by that cactus himself, he couldn't imagine why in the world i would willingly have something that prickly (and ugly) in my living-environment.
I had a look at his finger (no blood, luckily) mumbled something about thinking it looked pretty and moved the unfortunate plant a little higher up.

Corner of cactuses by DesignLoveFest on Instagram
spotted on Decor8 blog

I guess what i'm trying to say is: you should like plants.
In the '6 reasons'-roundup i tried to convince you with a few pretty pictures, but for those of you who need more persuasion please check out the very stylish interior greenery in these photographs.

Bathroom, Private residence in Melbourne
photograph by Eve Wilson spotted on  the Design Files

Lovely, no?
We do indeed all need houseplants. If only because they look so pretty.

photograph by Sean Fennessy
spotted on Bungalow5

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