October 17, 2014

DDW: the set-up

We're almost ready to start the show!

Thanks to De Klerk we have a lovely collection of greenery to show off our Waterworks-sets. Harm, who helped us decide which plants to use, very kindly wrote down all the names of the plants, but i left the note at the exhibition so right now i can only tell you we have a Metallica-plant and a fern that had something to do with monkeys.
De Klerk also lent us a really cool cactus which we've added as a decor piece, even though it doesn't leave room for a Waterworks set.

However... The backwall is eerily empty, don't you think?
Not to worry, we have something up our sleeves: remember this blogpost about why we should all have more houseplants? <6 Reasons to get houseplants now>

Well, we made a poster from the 6 reasons, check it out:

We'll hang the poster tomorrow, and more pictures from the Dutch Design Week will follow soon.

See you there!

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