August 20, 2014

Bathtub on the World Wide Web | a roundup

The online publication we discovered online a little while ago (click), prompted us to make a little roundup of the blogs that featured Thomas' bathtub.

Here goes (in no logical order whatsoever):

"Daring design in the form of American white oak and marble composite seen at Milan Design Week."
By Evan Orensten for

"Elegant and relaxing armchair-inspired bathtub by Thomas Linssen"
By Simona Strchinaru on

"Todays shapely tubs stand alone, naked and unashamed of their curves"
By Mary Jo Bowling for California Home+Design

"Jede Badewanne wird ein einzellstück dass man nicht mehr so schnell verlassen möchte" 

"This bathtub gazes beautiful relaxed to me"
By Violetta Thebault on Maddyruns (part of a round-up)

"Die Badewanne von Thomas Linssen mit dem einfachen Namen Bathtub schaut schon sehr futuristisch aus, aber auch irgendwie schick."

"Forget about fancy sports cars, handmade tubs are the true sign of the elite"
By Sam Jordan on So Freaking Cool

"An object that finds its own principal characteristic in representing the evolution of a chair in a bathtub"
By Francesco Franci on Abitare

"Unique bathtub design by Studio Thol"
By Melina Divani on Decoholic

"This bathtub looks pretty comfortable to me and i certainly wouldn't mind taking a soak in it"

"This bathtub just screams relaxation in a very original way"
By Airen on Statement Art Design & Fashion

"Lux bathtub by Thomas Linssen - Studio Thol"

"This unique armchair bathtub will definitely make everything unique and stylish"
By Paris on Jangrue

"Bathtub by Studio Thol"
By Lorenzo on The Nest Way

"12 ezer eurós fürdőkád és az alternatívák"

(it's hungarian, in case you want to google translate)

"Studio Thol has taken two old things--a chair and a bathtub--and combined them to make one new thing: A tub"
By Hipstomp / Rain Noe on Core77

"Pelikan Küvet" (Pelican Bath)
By Elif on Casa Amica

Also, you gotta love this comment:

"To me, it just looks like a pregnant lady ready to pop"
By Meghan Young on Trendhunter

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