August 18, 2014

Bags of Popcorn and Popping Prosecco: the Waterworks Launchparty

Waterworks is officially launched!! Yes!!

Here's a little impression of our party last Saturday.
None of the photographs are by us, since we were simply too busy and forgot all about taking pictures. Luckily everyone has a cameraphone nowadays...

photographs by Sander Willems
A lot of people came to the party to toast with us on the successful Waterworks-launch and for a moment we were even afraid the studio wouldn't be big enough. 

Photographs by Peter Flohr

We had a lot of people to thank, so we gave a little speech...

Photograph by Sander Willems

Photographs by Peter Flohr

And of course people were very happy to take home their Waterworks-sets.

Photograph Peter Flohr
All the while the kids were having fun with balloons and the chalkboard (for a while, then they went running down the street and made Thomas chase them).

Photographs by Peter Flohr

One of those parties... 
Guys, we had a blast. Thank you all for coming!

Since Waterworks is officially launched, the Webshop is Now Open! > click here

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