January 10, 2014

The final countdown

Our sincere apologies for the song that's probably stuck in your head now, but we're there: the Final Countdown!

Only a little more than a week left to pre-order a WATERWORKS-set and help us get WATERWORKS produced and in stores all over the world for an affordable price.

Notice the 'all over the world' we added? Well, that's because we've been receiving so much positive feedback that we're allowing ourselves to dream bigger and add 'WATERWORKS world domination' as a stretch goal.
Help us make this happen by pre-ordering a WATERWORKS-set now!
We've already made our first modest target, but with your help we might be able to reach higher.

If you pre-order now, this is what you'll get:
- You'll be among the first people in the world to receive a WATERWORKS-set.
- You'll always be remembered as one of the visionaries who made WATERWORKS happen. 
- You'll be a special guest at the official WATERWORKS launch party (will take place later this year).
- You'll receive our immense and eternal gratitude: you're our hero.

Click here to become a WATERWORKS hero.

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