January 16, 2014

Among Crowdfunding Superstars

Last Tuesday we were part of the 'What's up? #63: Crowdfunding Superstars' - line up.
We weren't too bothered beforehand, but upon entering the venue and seeing more than a hundred (100!) people there, i started to feel a wee bit nervous. No need though: our graceful host Jorgen Tjon a Fong asked the perfect questions to make us feel at ease and we ended up having an animated conversation that was over before we knew it.

We weren't the only 'Superstars' featured, but we were the only ones with a crowdfunding campaign still running.
One of the already successfully executed projects that was illustrated was the photobook 'Dutch Champions' by lovely Anne Claire de Breij and Niels van Muijden.

I just had to share a few of the photographs from the book.  - More images and information about Dutch Champions can be found here.

Photograph by Anne Claire de Breij

Photograph by Anne Claire de Breij

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