October 20, 2013

WATERWORKS @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Day 2 of the Dutch Design Week has come and gone.

You should know i started writing this post as soon as we arrived at the exhibition early in the afternoon, but didn't finish it until now, and we're about to leave!

Reason: we're talking to people all the time.
My throat feels kinda dry and my feet are killing me, but man, it's a rush!

So far the reactions have been great and we've already had pre-orders for 30 oh... wait: 31 WATERWORKS sets!
-Edit late Sunday Night : 34 now !-

But it only just started: The DDW runs until next Sunday so there's still plenty of time to visit us.
Sadly we won't be able to be at the exhibition all the time, so let us know if you're planning on stepping by, we'd love to see you!

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