August 17, 2016

Waterworks in Urban Jungle paradise / Wildernis Amsterdam

photograph by Wildernis Amsterdam
Urban gardening is happening and Wildernis in Amsterdam is the absolute hot-spot for all interior and urban plant lovers in our Dutch capital city.
Wildernis opened about a year ago, and it didn't take long for the store to rise to cult-status among bloggers and urban jungle fans.

It isn't difficult to see why: the interior is stylish and green as well as welcoming and pleasantly chaotic. An impressive collection of houseplants is showcased in a variety of pots ranging from basic terra cotta to contemporary design and quirky vintage finds. The many (many!) hanging plants create an instant urban jungle vibe with their downward cascading leaves.
photograph by Urban Jungle Bloggers
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All products sold at Wildernis have a link with greenery, albeit in the broadest sense of the word, which makes for a varied assortment and something on offer for anyone.

But Wildernis is more than just a store. Together with their team, owners Mila and Emma are on a mission to make Amsterdam greener.

Wildernis's goal is to showcase how easy it is to create more greenery in the city: in the (little) gardens, on your balcony, windowsill and inside your house. Collaborating with plantcare-professionals, Wildernis initiates projects, creates awareness and organizes workshops and courses to educate about plantcare.
Be sure to check out the workshop schedule on their website (-in Dutch- click).
photograph via Wildernis Amsterdam
click for overview of workshops (in Dutch)

photograph by Wildernis Amsterdam

We're very proud Wildernis Amsterdam is now selling Waterworks in their store!
Definitely a must-visit next time you're in town. (they serve coffee too :-))

Wildernis Amsterdam
Bilderdijkstraat 165F
1053 KP Amsterdam

Open Tuesday to Sunday - check website for opening hours.

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