August 26, 2015

ShowUP - the aftermath

As you may or may not have noticed, we've been working our behinds off to prepare for our first official tradefair ShowUP.
And it was worth it!

Slightly dazed from many short nights (add up deadlines + a 4-month-old) we pretty much made it through the two-day fair on enthusiasm and adrenaline - and coffee of course.

Since it was our first time at ShowUP, we had no idea what to expect, and were pleasantly taken with the totally fresh and mellow atmosphere and the many lovely new products.

The response we got to our booth was great and we spoke with many people, bloggers and retail merchants alike, who are appreciative of the way we're developing our brand as self-producing designers.

Aside from the direct orders that we're obviously content with, we're very happy about all the interesting people we met and contacts we made.
New stockists will be added to the website soon!

There's just one thing i regret about the two days: being at the booth the whole time, we only got to have a little glance at the many other lovely brands and their products.
Actually, it might've been just as well, the greed would've probably taken the better of me otherwise.

All photo's from our Instagram.

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