July 2, 2015

We're on Crowdyhouse and we're trending!

Crowdyhouse is an online platform that makes it possible to buy directly from designers and makers in the entire world.

One part of the Crowdyhouse website is all about 'Premieres': freshly designed products that are new to the market and sometimes made to order. (read more about premieres)

And there's a regular shop/marketplace that's a bit like Etsy, but way more curated: All designers who want to sell via Crowdyhouse need to apply first, and only after approval by the Crowdyhouse team can they set up shop and offer their designs online.

Graphic by Crowdyhouse

We decided to give it a go, and after going live last Tuesday, Waterworks has already climbed the ranks of popularity and is trending!

Click here for Waterworks on Crowdyhouse.
Click here for Neotribal jewelry on Crowdyhouse.

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