June 5, 2015

Have you ever been to Stockholm?

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Ah, lovely Stockholm.
A Designlovers haven apparently, people keep telling me i should go there.
And we will, definitely, one day.... If only to visit the House of Thol resellers.

Because Yes! We have some great news from the North: Waterworks is now for sale in the following shops:

Rödabergsgatan 12
113 33 Stockholm - Sweden
+46 76 055 80 57

Christoffers Blommor
Kåkbrinken 10 - Gamla Stan
111 27 Stockholm

Christoffers Blommor
Södermannagatan 21 - SOFO

Dahl Agenturer
Östra Järnvägsgatan 23
111 20 Stockholm

Rosendals Trädgården
Rosendalsterrassen 12
115 21 Stockholm

For the full list of Waterworks points-of-sale click here.

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