April 2, 2015

Stacked Concrete Sideboard // A place to store things

The main reason we designed this custom sideboard was that we needed a place to store things (as in stuff) and we just couldn't find a cabinet that would have room for everything we wanted to keep + showcase our books without it taking up too much space.

It's a made-to-measure translation of Thomas' kitchen designs, with a few added design bonusses: the cabinet-doors open and close with hinges that are a part of their lasercut shape for example, and instead of folded aluminum handles, we went with handles made of American white oak.

Notice the apparent imprints the legs of the bookcase make in the concrete top?

The top was made in collaboration with 8R beton, who have an extensive knowledge of all things concrete, and made it of lightweight fiber-enforced concrete (don't be mistaken, it still weighs approximately 75 kg.).

What is your solution for all the things you have lying around?
Did you find that perfectly fitted cabinet yet?

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