May 30, 2014

Photoshoot day in Arnhem

Masha Bakker during the Waterworks photoshoot (With Thomas assisting)

The official Waterworks launch is getting closer and closer, which means we were in dire need of professional product photographs. The pics we've used so far are ok(-ish), but lack crispness and professionality.

Since we were highly impressed with Photographer Masha Bakkers' work, we thought she would be perfect for the job. We got in touch with her a couple of months ago and yesterday we drove to the other side of the country to work with Masha in her studio in Arhem.

Here's a example of Masha's work:
Masha Bakker Photography for Lenneke Wispelwey

Once we got there, it took Masha only about 15 minutes to set up and shoot the first photographs, which were already right up to the mark.
After shooting in the studio for about an hour we packed up our plants and Waterworks-sets and went to 'Kweekland' (a little urban-gardening centre 5 minutes from Masha's studio) for a few location-shots in a little greenhouse.

This morning we received low res versions of the many many photographs that were shot yesterday: it's up to us to make a first selection.
Alright...      This might take us a while....

Interested to see more of Masha's work? Check out her website.

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