November 8, 2013 on Crowdfunding & WATERWORKS

Cassandra Pizzey of spotted the new Crowdfunding-initiatives that are popping up everywhere and wrote a nice article in which several of the new platforms are introduced.
And we're featured as well!

Here's the short section about WATERWORKS:
"Over at Sectie C it was Dutch Design Starter who had set up shop and were presenting a number of products for the consumer market. “It’s important for us to be able to produce our ideas without making concessions to the design itself,” explains Jana Flohr of House Of Thol. Their project Waterworks is a watering system for forgetful plant owners or ones that are often away from home. The irrigation system works through a terracotta funnel and glass bulb and it’s quite obvious why the design should be left as it is. We can imagine how a commercial producer would simplify the model and use cheaper materials. "
Click here for the complete article.

Thanks for featuring us, Cassandra!

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