September 6, 2013

the glass guys

semifinished products at the glass factory

Near the Dutch Seaside, not so very far away from Zandvoort in fact, is a little factory that specializes in made-to-order laboratory glass.
It's a lovely place: not too big, but spacious enough for large workstations for several glass-blowers, various specialized workshops situated in different corners, a large furnish and plenty of storage- and office space on the first floor (plus a foosball table).
The sympathetic owner of the factory, Geert, told us that the company moved to this location relatively recently, inventory and all. That must have been fun.

one of the glass-blowers at work

Thomas and i went to the factory, of course, to see if they could help us with the prototype of our Waterworks project.
It was great to talk about our plans with Geert, who helped us tremendously and promised he could make us a first prototype within 10 days if we would provide him with a technical drawing later that day.
Needless to say we didn't tarry in the glassworks a lot longer that morning, eager to go home and finish the drawings Geert needed.

glass, glass, glass!

Today we were back at the factory to pick up the first models.
Let me tell you: having a glass piece that you designed yourself in your hand feels so magical.

Picks of the first models will follow soon.

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