December 31, 2014

Looking back on 2014

You know the feeling you can have about the end of the year?
It's like *poof* ... *it's gone*.


Wait a minute... But wasn't it still August Yesterday?

Then.. what did we do this whole year?!

Well... time for a little House of Thol recap:

The Final Countdown - Crowdfund campaign ended January 19th
<read the blogpost>

We started 2014 with the final stages of our crowdfund campaign for Waterworks.
After campaigning for almost three months (kick-off had been during the Dutch Design Week in October), we only had until January 19th to get to the 100% we needed to finance the production of the first batch of Waterworks-sets.



We made it!

Read 'Without you we would've been nowhere'

You'd think we had time to relax, sit back and enjoy our victory?
No Way! We had a production to start!

The next months were spent getting back in touch with manufacturers, ordering samples, getting excited about boxes from the other side of the world, ordering better samples, waiting for boxes again, ordering still better samples, etc.

In between e-mailing back and forth with manufacturers and being dissapointed once or twice, we took part in Noviflora's 'Forty & Forward experience', which was great fun...

...And we moved our studio from Amsterdam to a lovely old school in Zandvoort.
Which took a little time and effort, since we had to work through several layers of wallpaper to find walls that were painted black (which we wanted white) + we had our minds set on an entresol, which we had to personally put in.

Read 'Wallpaper scrapings + Pitchblack walls'

In May we moved our stuff, the first batch of Waterworks-glassware was being produced and we took a car full of houseplants on a trip to Arnhem for a Waterworks product-shoot with Masha Bakker Photography.

Read 'Photoshoot day in Arnhem'

Meanwhile, the production of the terra-cotta cone turned out to be a little less straightforward than we'd hoped (click) and we had to decide to take matters into our own hands and produce the first batch of cones in-house.

We did get a little time away from the studio when we were flown into Switzerland to assist with the installation of the Studio Thol Bathtub in a newly built Genevan villa.

Read: 'Other things: 30 hours in Geneva'

Read 'Crates full of glass'

By the time we got back, the first glassware was well kinda on its way to the Netherlands.

It was early July when we finished the design of the cardboard packaging, around the same time we expected the first batch of glass reservoirs to arrive.

A first pre-order could be sent out in July and we were able to take a short Summer-break. Not before sharing this news, however:

Read 'And the nominees are'

Then... when everybody started coming back from vacation destinations near and far, it was finally time to officially launch Waterworks.

After the party we went on shipping packages to all supporters who didn't make it to the official launch.

We also took a little time off Waterworks to finish a custom designed kitchen in Utrecht, a collaboration with the ladies from Ontwerpplek.

Read 'The kitchen with the hanging rack'

The official Waterworks-launch was followed a few months later by the first official product presentation of Waterworks during the Dutch Design Week, themed 'We want more Green'.

This seriously feels like yesterday...

Anyway, since then we've been sorting out some trouble we still occasionally encountered with the corks (read 'A chronology of corks') as well as doing business: finding new points-of-sale for Waterworks all around the Netherlands.

And we're getting somewhere: Waterworks is now for sale online and in designstores in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Heemstede.
We're hoping to add more cities to that line-up soon.

Oh right... and this last year we re-did our website, set up a new webshop, won a design-pitch (but that's actually still a secret - more news will follow), became active on pretty much all social media (Hello Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+), and researched why you should have houseplants and which plants are best.


Ok. Let's pop some champagne tonight before getting back to business first thing the day after tomorrow.

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