April 24, 2014

Wallpaper scrapings + pitchblack walls

From May 1st onward we're officially moving the House of Thol studio to classroom 6 in the old Mariaschool in Zandvoort. (old as in dating from the early 20th century)
Updated address-information will follow soon, but let me tell you: it's a lot closer to home.
Did i say a lot closer? I mean: from 45-minute drive to 4-minute walk.
Imagine all the time we'll have!

Luckily the municipality (who owns the school) was kind enough to give us the key to our new abode two weeks early to fix the place up, which means we've been spending the last 10 days doing just that:
We took down the immensely large cotton sheets hanging from the ceiling (not sure why they were there in the first place); steamed off all the wallpaper (painting over it was no option) to have it reveal pitch black walls, filled gazillion holes in the walls, and are now in the process of painting everything white.

This is all pretty straightforward stuff, except for the fact that the walls are over 4,5 meters tall, which makes painting them (and the ceiling) rather... challenging.

We should get back to it, really...

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